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In the slums of “1ro de Mayo” in Santa Cruz young women or teenagers often become mothers. Looking after a baby or toddler exceeds the financial and emotional capacities. El Angel helps here. The children will find a second home with us, where they can shelter and spend the day.


El Angel takes children between the ages of two months and six years. These children come from extremely poor backgrounds. In their simple homes running water and electricity, toys and educational materials is often lacking. Some mothers are extremely young and overwhelmed. Without El Angel, these kids would spend the day on the street.


In a stable construction of structure and rituals, the little ones can develop, learn and grow up child-friendly. The day starts with a morning prayer, followed by a small breakfast, playtime, lunch, a siesta, playtime, prayer and dinner. For the older children there is a nursery school in the morning.


Since 1996 we support El Angel and send up to 30.000 Euro each year to Santa Cruz. This is a lot of money in such a poor country and we have already achieved a lot:
- to guarantee the daily water supply we have built our own well
- we have renovated toilettes and bathrooms
- we have co-financed an extension, so that today 200 children have space instead of just 100 children
- we have hired a pre-school teacher to prepare the children for elementary school
- we have paid the surgery of a little girl (Maria)


Our infrastructure is available. Now it is about maintaining the good condition of the investment. And we want to finance food for 200 children. This is not that easy. Because of the unstable political and economic situation in Bolivia, food has become expensive. Even rice, flour and sugar have fallen victim to inflation.

That is why we appeal to you: Please donate!

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